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Feature Model

1. You model because?

I Model because, I absolutely love getting into character, whether it be the glam girl or punk rock and edgy; It is freeing and for a break out of everyday life, you get to be this dressed up special person with the whole hair and make-up extravaganza, its a grown up version from dress-up when you are a little girl. Who doesn't like being beautified and your picture taken???? Well, I do! Thats why I LOVE to model. Its cool to see yourself transform into an extravagant version of someone's vision.

2. Who said "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is..."?

LOL!!!! President Clinton; he sounded like the Pinocchio from "Shrek the 3rd" Well.... What is isn't, but could of been, if it were, WHAT???!!!! Tell the truth, CLINTON:"YES.... I did Monica!

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